Short Sales

Is your house worth less than you owe?
Do you want to move on?
If you answered yes, a Short Sale may be the answer for you.
If you bought and financed your home at a time when the real estate market was booming, there might come a time when you realize that the mortgage against it is more than the property is now worth. When property values drop, homeowners can find themselves “underwater.” If they need to sell the home, for any number of reasons, they can’t get enough to cover all of what they owe on it.
We will work with your lender together with experienced realtors to help sell your home for more than you owe. In a short sale, most lenders accept the home sale price as the full repayment of your loan, even if your house sells at a loss. We work towards getting any deficiency waived. This will allow you to have finality and move on.
Many lenders/banks prefer a short sale over foreclosure. Some will even postpone foreclosure to give you time to sell. Many shorts sales end up costing the homeowner ZERO. The commission is paid from the sale.
If you decide that a short sale is your best solution, we work with realtors on all documentation, procedures, and discussions with the bank. At Nuñez Law, we are experienced and have in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market and lender practices. We know the strategies that work and the processes that will lead to a cost-effective solution to your problem.
If you are a Florida homeowner that owes more on your mortgage(s) then your property is worth, and can no longer make your mortgage payments, you may be in a position to:
• sell your home;
• have your lender forgive your loan balance;
• receive money from your lender for relocation assistance at the closing;
• avoid tax consequences with the Internal Revenue Services (1099-C); and,
• avoid foreclosure.
Our friendly, knowledgeable staff has a wealth of experience in short sales. We offer effective representation in short sale negotiations, workout negotiations, and foreclosure defense representation. Contact us today for your free consultation!
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