The loss of a loved one is usually followed by a grieving process that can be difficult and stressful. When a loved one passes away, family members of the decedent try to put all of the decedent’s affairs in order and this process can become time consuming and confusing. You are already dealing with mourning the loss of the loved one and now you have to navigate through this process.  The probate process can be very emotional, time consuming and costly, which is why it is important to hire an attorney that can help and guide you through this. The attorneys at Nuñez Estate Law & are always glad to assist you with regard to settling estates or assets after a loved one’s death. The particular probate process depends on the nature of the case—whether the decedent had a will (testate) or did not have a will (intestate). Regardless of the circumstance, we are professionally ready to guide you throughout the entire legal proceeding.

What Happens during the Probate Process?

The estate left behind by a loved one may include real property, personal property and/or intangible property. Those assets must be secured, inventoried, and ultimately transferred to the intended beneficiaries and/or legal heirs of the estate. The legal process by which this is accomplished is referred to as “probate.” If a Last Will and Testament was left behind the person named as the Executor in that Will is responsible for overseeing the probate of the estate. The terms of the Will determine how the assets are distributed. If the decedent died intestate (without a Will), the court will appoint someone to oversee probate and the state intestate succession laws dictate how the estate assets are distributed. To avoid making costly mistakes, it is usually best to have an experienced probate attorney assist you if you are responsible for probating an estate.

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