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When buying, selling or refinancing a family home or a piece of commercial real estate in South Florida, there can be a great deal at stake. Nuñez Law collaborates with our clients to handle all aspects of their real estate transactions from the initial offer to the closing and the writing of the title insurance.

Having an attorney handle your real estate closing can protect your financial interests and provide peace of mind. It can ensure that the complex financing, title, and contract paperwork is handled correctly and results in no surprises.

Whether you are selling or buying property with a real estate agent or engaging in a For Sale by Owner sale, we can help. Nuñez Law can handle your real estate transaction from contract negotiation to closing, and we pride ourselves on our attention to every detail.

Real estate title work requires diligence and attention to detail, and that is what we provide to all of our clients at Nuñez Law. Since we handle a wide spectrum of real estate issues, we can serve as your closing agent and represent you in any issues related to your real estate transaction. Most importantly, we will be thorough in handling every detail, particularly those that ensure clean title.
We can provide a variety of legal services regarding the closing of your residential or commercial purchase or sale, including:
• Purchase Agreements
• Contract Drafting and Review
• Loan Documents
• Closing Documents
• Short Sale negotiations
• Title Searches
• Lien Searches
• Title Insurance
At our firm, we provide a higher level of service. We partner with underwriters from Old Republic National Title and provide them with the information they need to perform the title searches and examinations. An underwriter preparing an accurate search report is essential and, to back up their work, we issue title insurance to protect you. We will work to correct any property title defects.
At Nuñez Law we want your real estate closing to proceed smoothly and successfully.
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